5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Grows Your Business

Consistency and quality remain the key objectives; however, businesses should also be willing to sell through their social channels.

As social media platforms are changing at an accelerated pace, it’s imperative to get updated with recent trends every year to make sure that your social media management plans are still thriving. It’s the best time to review your current social media marketing strategies to find out what works best and what can be improved.

2019 has been a hectic year for all social media platforms. There were a lot of positive and negative stories that had to do with usage. So what should be your game plan for social media marketing for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020? Consider 5 top notch social media strategies that are almost guaranteed to work now and well into the future.

Producing Diversified Content Types

It can be simple to find yourself only posting short tweets to Twitter, posting pictures to Instagram, and so on. However, on most popular social media platforms, you can and should post appealing content, including photos, blog posts, infographics, videos, and many more. Why?

For one thing, posting the same content type endlessly can bore your target audience, which would keep you from reaching your objectives. The same result could come if you post a content type that only resonates with a portion of your visitors or, worse yet, that doesn’t resonate at all.

By changing what you post, you can provide the best content types for your followers and simply appeal to all subsets of it.

Engagement is more important than ever

Facebook announced early in 2018, the focus on meaningful interactions as part of their updated algorithm. As it becomes difficult to gain organic reach, the only way to survive is to aim for content that is:

  1. Appealing
  2. Interesting
  3. Engaging

Thus, it’s the best time to stop ‘cheating’ to win engagement and start thinking of an improved engagement strategy for every channel to continue reaching your audience.

Do More Storytelling & Less Advertising

Implementing educational strategy means doing more teaching than promoting. Storytelling is not very different and, in fact, can be informative in nature. Though the power of storytelling lies not in teaching people things they didn’t know, but in relatable situations and characters, or at least situations and characters that evoke emotional responses. Such emotional responses spur action, often much more efficiently as compared to constant and shameless self-promotion on social media Tulsa platforms.

Try Influencer Marketing

Connecting with valued and reputed influencers is a wise idea for many reasons. Some of the key benefits are as follows: It boosts your reliability, and it provides you access to a far-reaching audience, both of which can make your Tulsa (and beyond) social media marketing strategy substantially more productive.

Leverage the Interest of Loyal Customers

Influential in their own way are your most loyal customers, which have the potential to become brand promoters. They can increase brand awareness and provide convincing social proof, facilitating other followers to build confidence in your business considerably quicker than they otherwise might.

Social media management plans prove to be an outstanding tool when in the hands of motivated brand promoters. But, obviously, it’s up to you to do the motivating. You might try:

  • Meeting satisfied customers and sharing their stories
  • Asking for customer reviews on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Offering incentives on various contests which would motivate customers to spread the word about your business on social networks of your choice