5 Useful Lead Generation Strategies for 2019

Whether you are running your small business out of a warehouse or out of your home, there is one thing you can always use:  More clients. In addition, the catch-all term for the way to acquire these new clients? Lead generation.

So as to expand, your business has to gain exposure to new prospective customers and clients. Sure, this is far away from a new concept—the concept of acquiring new customers and clients is as old as business itself. However, as industries change and evolve, so do ways of acquiring new customers. A large number of lead generation strategies provided by Chatter Marketing in Tulsa have been around for many years, and, as an outcome, the majority of the consumers have become skeptical and almost immune to them.

All in, if you’re serious about expanding your small business, you have to get serious about improving or upgrading your lead generation strategies. In this blog, we will talk about 5 lead generation strategies that actually work in 2019.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the act of securing prospective customers for your business. By executing lead generation strategies provided by Chatter Marketing, you’ll be gaining new leads towards your business that then shift towards the top of your sales funnel and preferably turn into paying customers. At its core, lead generation is just about getting as many high-intent, high-quality prospective customers in front of your business as possible. All in, a lead generation goes hand-in-hand with brand exposure and marketing; however, lead generation strategies offered by Chatter Marketing in Tulsa will be exceptional in their proximity to the sales procedure.

Take a look through this blog post to modern lead generation strategies to help you get the right fit for your company—whether you run a digital-only enterprise or a brick-and-mortar boutique:

Build an incentive-based referral system

Word-of-mouth advertising is still as vital as it’s ever been—even if the ways in which people spread the right word about your business has transformed with tech. If anything, recommendation systems have become even more beneficial among modern lead generation strategies, since they are more simple than ever to track and quantify.

The best conceivable thing you can do to harness the power of recommendations? Get granular with your facts.

Sell a service or product online? Create customized referral codes for specific clients and prospects—a new customer gets a discount for their very first purchase, and your loyal client will get a referral discount as well. This works best for online retailers.

In this way, you’ll be able to know precisely who is sending business your way, and which leads are turning to clients. Smart!

Broadcast advertising to your niche audience

Don’t worry—we are not talking about purchasing an advertisement slot on your neighborhood easy listening radio station. Though, podcasts have stolen a large number of listeners from the AM and FM dials.

And content creators still need promoters, so you can still turn listeners into leads, but with even better potential. That is because with podcasts, as listeners self-elect downloads, they signal what they are interested in. Which means you can recognize where your target audience is confined.

No matter how niche the industry, there is probably a podcast out there that tons of prospective clients are regularly enjoying. Own a home brewing shop? There is a podcast for that too.

Best of all, you will be pleased to know that you are not taking the shotgun approach for advertising that comes from radio stations, where a large part of your audience might not be concerned about your product or service at all.

Take a new approach for direct mail

It’s simple to write off the legitimacy of direct email in an article about modern lead generation strategies. We understand.

But direct mail lead generation strategies in 2019 aren’t postcards addressed TO PRESENT RESIDENT offering an unsolicited coupon for roofing shingles or free sock darning. Direct email doesn’t have to be synonymous with junk email, specifically if you know how to do it in the right manner. For certain clients, and certain businesses, we at Chatter Marketing like using direct mail as a tactic. By being discriminating with your direct mail efforts, you can invest more in the physical product you’re sending out. Similarly, you can offer coupons, better discounts, or other enticements to secure new leads to take the following step. Think of direct mail as your first step into getting someone to visit your website or contact you, rather than your final step in acquiring new customers. Wondering if direct mail is a good tactic for your business? Ask one of the Chatter Marketing professionals. We can identify if this strategy will work for you.

Generate lead-swapping relationships

Sharing leads with industry-relevant (but not competing!) businesses is another one compelling lead generation tactic that has been around for ages, but is still wonderfully useful when modernized.

If you have friendly terms with an organization that attracts similar clientele as yours, consider swapping leads from time to time.

However, to make this tactic work, you have to digitize the swaps to obtain the most from them. Use a comprehensive small business CRM to keep track of each lead and what sort of returns you are acquiring from the companies that are providing you with leads. Adopting a ‘big data’ approach to beneficiary relationships will help you extend far beyond having a huge pile of telephone numbers to cold-call.

Rethink discounts and deals

Of course, you’ve taken into account—if not held—sales to incentivize new clients through your door. However, with so many different deals and discount portals, it might be worth considering to observe if your product is a fit for any local or national opportunities.

If you’re a slightly hesitant, you could also give a thought to partnering up in a package with other complementary businesses that are better acquainted with the deals territory.

Since these sites are all about approaching new customers, they’ll do the legwork of finding the eyes for you to get your service or product in front of new consumers. And with a reach and budget, you likely don’t have.

A heads up that gains on deals sites are pretty skim, so this isn’t an eternal solution. But you precisely can generate new leads on them who can positively convert into loyal customers over time.

Digital Marketing

At Chatter, we are big proponents in obtaining leads through digital strategies. Especially social media. Don’t underestimate the power of Facebook and Instagram, when used in conjunction with a digital strategy, to gain the leads you desire. We have the ability to build a list of prospects that will give you marketing potential for years to come. Just check out some of our case studies here: https://www.chattertulsa.com/clientwork.