5 Ways to Avoid Common video Marketing Mistakes

Video can be a significant component of a strong content marketing strategy, especially when you do it right. Creating strong video content for your brand is an excellent way to reach your target market and engage your audience. In the eyes of the customer, your video is a sole representation of your brand. To assist you in getting off on the right foot with your video marketing strategy, below mentioned are the top 5 mistakes in video marketing that I commonly see businesses making, as well as tips for how you can avoid them.

Mistake #1: The Hard Sell

Have you ever wanted to hang up on a cold caller? Or to slam your front door on a salesman?

Videos that acquire a hard-sell method will be responded with a quick click on the “X” or quick scroll. In other words, it’s merely like that cold caller, bud manners don’t help you get in the door.

Video content needs to be structured around our funnel, with varying objectives at every stage. If you ask our the video professionals at Chatter Marketing to post lots of videos on social media, your goal should be to entertain, educate, and engage the audience with exciting content.


Create awareness for the PROBLEM your product solves and present your core brand messages. This will seek your audiences’ attention towards your PRODUCT for later content.

Mistake #2: No Subtitles

An overwhelming 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched by users without sound! Thus, why are not all your videos subtitled?

In 2018, Facebook made videos auto-play on cell phones without sound.

Chatter Marketing has the ability to create videos that include subtitles so your audience can actually “hear” what you are trying to relate.

Mistake #3: Too Long

Yes, size matters in video content marketing. Videos uploaded on social media platforms as Top of Funnel content should be small and to the point. Social media platforms agree. Twitter won’t publish videos longer than 2:20 minutes, and Instagram allows a maximum of 1 minute per video.

Instagram and Twitter do this because they want to keep their users excited, engaged, and not bogged down.

The statistics are there to back them up:

Videos which are under 90 seconds retain 53 percent of watchers, but videos over 30 minutes retain just 10 percent.

This does not necessarily mean you should rush through your content, though. Avoid Mistake #4, and you’re golden.

Mistake #4: Too Many Messages

Most of the video production Chatter Marketing Tulsa suggests that every marketing video should have ONE CORE BRAND MESSAGE. Videos with too many concepts, or takeaways that can’t be boiled down to one valuable point, will annoy and confuse your audience.

If you need them to stick around to the end and return to watch future videos, go for QUALITY over QUANTITY.

You can’t summarize all of your life’s lessons in just 60 seconds, so don’t try to. Explain one, make it clear, and they’ll come back for more.

Mistake #5: All About

Have you ever seen a marketing video that talks too much about a business, its staff, or its products?

We see them all the time.

They are great. Honestly. Save them. Show them to all the team members in the office but don’t promote them to your target audience when the content DOESN’T RELATE.

Insider videos work very well, but only when they mean something to the audience who are watching them. Videos all about you will force your target audience to zone out and go browsing. Grab your audience’s attention by making video content with the help of Chatter Marketing Tulsa that relates to them!

Hit their PAIN POINTS!