How To Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Maximizing the ROI (Return on investment) on your branding projects is easy if you know what to do. Every time you start a new project, start with these guidelines and

The State of Social Media Today

  How can you use social media marketing to make the most of your marketing dollars? Chatter Marketing in Tulsa, Oklahoma can help you navigate the myriad of different choices.

Business Behind the Scenes – Heather Berryhill

Chatter’s owner and CEO Heather Berryhill spoke recently with the Tulsa Small Business Connection about her business journey, provided marketing advice for small businesses, and discussed how she and her

Print Marketing Essentials for Every Business

Before delving too quickly into some of the essentials used to help create company branding and awareness, let briefly discuss two common types of printing. Depending upon the collateral specifications,

5 Ways to Avoid Common video Marketing Mistakes

Video can be a significant component of a strong content marketing strategy, especially when you do it right. Creating strong video content for your brand is an excellent way to