2023 NALA Conference & Expo

Be in the Now. Be in the Know. Be NALA.


The design concept for the 2023 NALA Boston Conference is centered around the theme of “Be in the now. Be in the know. Be NALA.” The idea is to encourage paralegals to take advantage of the learning opportunities available at the conference and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the field.

To ensure that the branding elements are cohesive with the conference space, Chatter conducted an in-depth analysis of the space beforehand. The space was found to be elegant and sophisticated, so we designed creative that was modern, elegant, and monotone, using NALA’s branding colors. This will allow the branding elements to seamlessly integrate with the conference space, providing a cohesive and visually stunning experience for attendees.

Chatter strongly believes that the design concept helped to create a memorable and impactful conference experience for all attendees. 

Branding Elements

  • Grand Theme: Be NALA.
  • Custom Conference Enamel Pin
  • Conference Swag
  • Photo Booth
  • Branded Signage throughout entire conference to encourage and uplift attendees


When it comes to being a paralegal, being in the know is essential to maintaining legal expertise. With that, Chatter strategically arranged branding, signage, and merchandise reflecting “Be in the Now. Be in the Know. Be NALA” to further the notion of celebrating knowledge and professional development. Attendees at the conference walked away feeling confident in their knowledge, and encouraged to keep learning!

Column Wraps

NALA Columns
Column Wraps
Column Wraps

Elevator Wraps

Custom Lanyards


Photo Booth - 1
Photo Booth - 3
Photo Booth - 4

The Results

The NALA team was incredibly satisfied with the results of Chatter’s branding and marketing efforts. They extended many compliments on the branding, design, and creativity, while expressing gratitude on all of Chatter’s hard work and many hours that went into the campaign. Attendees extended their compliments and excitement as well, while capturing many photos and collecting lots of NALA merchandise!