The Problem with Facebook

Why are your Facebook postings NOT reaching your targeted audience?

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At Chatter Marketing, we’re constantly trying to educate our clients on the reach of social media efforts. We often explain that they need to be diversified throughout all platforms. Our challenge as an agency is to do everything in our power to make sure our target audiences are seeing what we’re posting.

While we love Facebook, we also feel frustrated that we have to consistently throw money at them to ensure that our audience is seeing what were posting. The client doesn’t always understand the challenge we’re faced with with trying to reach the masses.

We look at it this way…if a potential new customer wants to find out about your organization, they’re going to go to your website first. And then proceed to your Facebook page. But, if you want to reach them when they are not thinking about you…you MUST consider a Facebook ad budget.

This video is from 2014, but we thought the creator did a fantastic job of explaining how the Facebook system works. At Chatter…we are most definitely getting more into video content pushing through YouTube to give our clients a broader reach. We still believe in ad budgets across all platforms, but like the reach that YouTube provides, even without a budget.

Our advice? Set aside a small budget monthly to advertise on your social media platforms and watch your reach explode!