WOKA Whitewater Opening Weekend PR

WOKA Opening Weekend Media


WOKA Whitewater Park


The opening of the WOKA Whitewater Park, located on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border, on September 15, 2023, marked a significant milestone. This case study outlines the remarkable Earned Media Value (EMV) generated through various media channels, highlights key media mentions, and showcases the overall impact of the launch event.

Earned Media Value (EMV):

Over the course of the weekend, the WOKA Whitewater Park opening generated an astonishing 409 mentions across various media outlets, creating a significant online buzz. These mentions reached an audience of over 232.3 million individuals. The overwhelming consensus is that WOKA’s opening weekend was an undeniable success.

  • 409 Exact Postings
  • 232.3 Million Exact Match Visitors
  • 2,000 Release Views & Hits Traffic
  • 1,300 Multimedia Traffic
  • 936 Wire Distribution/AP Outlets
  • 37 Targeted Influencers

Local Success:

At the local level in Oklahoma and Arkansas, the announcement of the WOKA Whitewater Park opening achieved tremendous success. It garnered 90 mentions, received 11.64K social shares, and reached a total readership of 38.83 million. The total ad equivalency, quantified at nearly $73K, demonstrated measurable success.

  • 90 Total Mentions
  • 11.64K Social Shares
  • 38.83 Million Total Readership
  • $72.99K Total Ad Equivalency


The WOKA Whitewater Park’s opening weekend PR campaign delivered remarkable results, generating substantial Earned Media Value and local recognition. With over 409 mentions and an audience of 232.3 million, the event garnered significant attention and excitement. The local impact was equally impressive, with 90 mentions, social engagement, and a calculated ad equivalency of nearly $73K. This case study underscores the resounding success of the WOKA Whitewater Park launch, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic PR efforts in creating buzz and awareness for a high-profile event.