Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) Website


GRDA approached Chatter Marketing with the challenge of revitalizing its online presence. The existing website suffered from complex navigation, lack of clarity, disorganized content, inefficient quick links, and limited contact information. The goal was to create a modern, user-friendly platform that streamlined navigation, enhanced content accessibility, and improved overall user experience for both internal and external stakeholders.


Chatter Marketing implemented a comprehensive strategy to address GRDA’s challenges and meet its objectives. The team began by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing website, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. The strategy included:

  1. User-Centric Design: Transitioning from a confusing 5’Es navigation system to four primary categories – ‘Our Mission,’ ‘Resources,’ ‘News and Notices,’ and ‘Community Engagement’ for a more intuitive user experience.
  2. Homepage Enhancements: Incorporating clickable 5’Es icons on the home page to provide immediate access to relevant content and a concise overview of GRDA’s mission and purpose.
  3. Resources Hub: Creating a centralized ‘Resources’ section to eliminate guesswork for external users seeking information, including FAQs, Permit Applications, guidelines, Recreation Rules, and more.
  4. Media Kit: Centralizing GRDA updates and promotional materials in the ‘News and Notices’ section, including a ‘Media Kit’ for seamless brand utilization.
  5. Community Engagement Page: Developing a dynamic hub for upcoming events, event sponsorship information, speaker bookings, ‘Guard the Grand,’ and the board meeting schedule.
  6. Optimized Quick Links: Ensuring quick links offer instant access to essential information, such as contact details, leadership, Illinois river information, lake levels, and careers.
  7. Dedicated Contact Page: Centralizing all contact information on a dedicated page for enhanced accessibility.
  8. Visual Enhancements: Integrating stunning GRDA photos strategically to enhance the website’s aesthetics.

The Results

The revamped GRDA website has achieved remarkable success since its launch:

  • Improved Navigation: The transition from a complex navigation system to a more straightforward structure has minimized user confusion and enhanced overall navigation.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The website now provides a more user-friendly and visually engaging experience, aligning with industry standards.
  • Streamlined Content Accessibility: The ‘Resources’ section serves as a comprehensive repository, significantly improving content accessibility and eliminating guesswork for users.
  • Increased Engagement: The inclusion of quick links and a dedicated contact page has led to increased user engagement and connectivity.
  • Positive Feedback: Users, both internal and external, have provided positive feedback on the improved design, functionality, and accessibility of the website.


The collaboration between GRDA and Chatter Marketing has resulted in a transformative digital presence. The new website not only addresses the initial challenges but also sets a benchmark for user-centric design and functionality. This case study stands as a testament to the successful partnership and the positive impact of strategic digital marketing efforts on organizational growth and user satisfaction.