Transformative Growth Through Strategic Marketing: ACES Floors Case Study


In the competitive concrete enhancement flooring industry, ACES Floors faced the challenge of standing out and expanding its business. With modest revenue, the company recognized the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy to boost brand visibility, attract new clients, and ultimately double its revenue.


Chatter Marketing took on the challenge by implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy for ACES Floors. The first step involved a complete rebranding initiative, encompassing the creation of a new logo, brand colors, brand voice, and business cards. This not only modernized the company’s image but also set the stage for a cohesive and recognizable brand.

The transformation extended to the digital realm with the development of a user-friendly website that not only showcased ACES Floors’ products and services but also provided a seamless experience for potential clients. To enhance the brand’s credibility and reach, Chatter Marketing leveraged KRMG radio ads and enlisted local, trusted voice in the community, Dan Potter for endorsements. This tactic led to local audience education about ACES Floors and its offerings.

Recognizing the power of social media in today’s digital landscape, Chatter Marketing also devised a comprehensive social media strategy for ACES Floors. This involved creating engaging content, leveraging targeted advertising, and interacting with the audience to foster a sense of community around the brand.

Also, to further strengthen ACES Floors’ offline presence, Chatter Marketing designed new, branded brochures. These informative materials served as valuable tools for the ACES Floors sales team to communicate its product offerings and unique selling points to potential clients.

The Results

The impact of Chatter Marketing’s efforts was nothing short of remarkable. Within just one year, ACES Floors experienced a staggering growth, catapulting the company’s revenue by 50% in a 1-year period. Chatter’s rebranding efforts successfully positioned ACES Floors as a contemporary and trustworthy choice in the concrete flooring market.

The user-friendly website proved to be a pivotal tool, attracting and converting potential clients. KRMG Ads and Dan Potter’s endorsements not only increased brand awareness but also established ACES Floors as a reputable and endorsed provider in the eyes of the local community.

The strategic approach to social media resulted in an engaged online audience, contributing to increased leads and conversions. The new brochures effectively communicated the company’s offerings, aiding in converting potential clients into satisfied customers.


Chatter Marketing’s transformative strategy played a crucial role in elevating ACES Floors by doubling revenue within a short timeframe. The combination of rebranding, a user-friendly website, targeted endorsements, social media engagement, and informative brochures collectively contributed to ACES Floors’ remarkable growth.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of a well-executed and comprehensive marketing strategy in propelling a business to new heights. ACES Floors not only achieved financial success but also solidified its position as a reputable and recognizable player in the competitive flooring industry.