Print Marketing Essentials for Every Business

Before delving too quickly into some of the essentials used to help create company branding and awareness, let briefly discuss two common types of printing. Depending upon the collateral specifications, you will need it to be printed digitally or on an offset press. How do you choose?

Digital Printing

Digital printing now makes full color in low quantities affordable. You can get a product faster since there is less prepress procedures and pieces are dry immediately.  Currently, new features for digital printing are on the rise. You are able to customize pieces with personalization, add white ink, accent with fluorescent inks and spot gloss. All of these can help generate more attention to your printed materials.

Offset Printing

Offset printing offers capabilities that can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing collateral as well. You are able to print higher quantities at a very low cost per piece. Offset printing also allows you to print on larger sheets to help you create larger and more unique pieces. There are now several coatings and finishes that are able to be printed inline with the ink. These finishes help protect and create lasting impressions. Some finishes available are clear varnishes, soft-touch coating and spot gloss.

Essentials to Include in Your Printed Marketing Materials

Items that are essential to your marketing plan should include:

Business Cards – You want your first impressions to be memorable. Making the right impression with your business card is critical. You want the card to be simple, clean and have only the pertinent information a customer would need to get in contact. Added features to a business card can help gain the attention you need for that memorable first impression.

Brochures – This is the piece that will let you expand on your promoting your company. This piece will be used to sell your business – be sure to include the benefits to bring home the point that you are the business that will fit the needs of the customer.

Flyers – This is usually a more simplistic piece that is used for a quick reference. This will have pertinent information about the company and benefits, but not in the full detail of a brochure. These can cover multiple items or used to feature certain items and be part of a multiple piece set.

While there are many print media products available, you will want to remember that the most effective pieces will keep the content simple, have a flow to match the eye’s natural reading path and lists benefits not features.

For help creating your most effective marketing pieces to compliment your current marketing plan, please contact us!