How to Get More Likes for your Facebook Business Page

When it comes to Facebook, it’s all about getting noticed, gaining those coveted likes, and keeping your customers engaged!

It’s All About the Likes

You’ve got your Facebook business page all set up, and you’re ready to engage with your customers. You’re certain in no time; those likes are going to roll in along with comments from your excited customers. A few days go by and you start to get a little discouraged when you’ve only got a few likes here and there. Weeks go by and frustration sets in. Why aren’t you getting the results you want? Why didn’t that picture of your cute kid in front of the new merchandise display, only get a lukewarm response? Sometimes it’s simply a matter of timing when it comes to a new page, but often it’s a matter of not understanding how Facebook works.

First Impressions Count

Begin by making sure your page is as complete as possible. The information you provide about your company is what is used when people are searching on Google or Facebook. Optimize each section with keywords that might be used when a potential customer is searching for your type of business. Is your cover photo interesting? Does it make people want to know more? It will be the first image potential customers see, and it just might be the difference between a scroll and a click. Be sure to get the word out that you have a Facebook page. Share it with your own friends and encourage them to do the same. Once you do, be sure it’s easy to find. This can be as simple as using social plugins or icons on your website to prompt customers to like your page without having to log on to Facebook.

Know Your Audience

While it’s important to gain those coveted likes, it’s equally important for those likes to come from your target audience, those that will actually buy your product. Facebook offers something called Audience Optimization, allowing you to target your preferred audience through interest tags. Now that you’ve set up a Facebook page for your new dog grooming service in Tulsa, you could search for interests of people who like animals and also live in Tulsa. You might find that people who like animals also like outdoor activities. Perhaps there is a charity event for a walk-a-thon to benefit a dog rescue. By promoting the benefit, you’ve got an opportunity to encourage your customers to share your post and get your business name out there!

Engage Your Audience

Get Noticed

While it’s extremely important to know your target audience, it’s equally, important that you continuously post engaging content. While this can seem straightforward, it’s not that easy to determine what qualifies as engaging content. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error. Look at what content gets the most response and engagement from your customers. Facebook audience insights can tell you how your posts are performing. Using those insights can tell you your customer base likes your “Funny Friday” posts but appears to be indifferent with regard to your promotion of your new store hours. Keep it interesting. Make people notice you!

Engage! Engage! Engage!

Engaging your audience is as much about communicating with your customers as it is posting the right content. The more your customers know you, the more you build a personal relationship resulting in a loyal customer base. If someone comments about your new top of the line vacuum, positively or negatively, that is a great opportunity to respond favorably and create a customer for life or gain a new one. Great customer service never goes out of style, and Facebook has become another avenue of creating a great customer experience.

Everyone Loves a Prize!

One highly effective way to increase customer engagement is through a Facebook contest. A contest, that encourages your customers to post a silly photo of their pet or to like and share a post to win a prize, is a great way to get your page out there to others who need your services. Everyone loves a prize after all! Even a gift certificate for a manicure or car wash can prompt people to hit that share button, helping your page to reach a potentially untapped audience.

How Often and When Should I Post?

Post often! While this may seem obvious, it isn’t to most business owners. They either don’t see the tremendous benefit that Facebook offers to reach their customers, or perhaps they just don’t have the time, which is often the case. Aim for 5 posts per week. Post more often if you’re getting engagement. You want your content to be relevant and timely so when you get that new shipment in, tell your customers about it. You want your target audience to be thinking about you often. As for when to post, that really comes down to the type of business you have. If you own a restaurant that caters to fine dining, a post in the evening might produce more of a response than early morning. A pastry shop might post an early morning teaser photo of a steaming hot scone to entice those morning commuters to stop in on their way to work.

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