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Welcome to our blog… about blogs. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the importance of blogs. Why? Because blogs not only help you provide useful and relevant information to your target audience but they also boost your SEO. Did you know that?

According to HubSpot, the reason why blogs help with your SEO is because they position your site as a relevant answer to your customers questions.

One very important thing to focus on while writing your blog is keywords. For example, if you are marketing to college students who use Apple products, placing keywords like Apple Inc., iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Steve Jobs, laptop, and current technology would all be great keywords for your blog.

When your target audience searches for something relating to Apple products, your goal is to pop up on that search engine ahead of other companies or firms that may be targeting the same audience or offering a similar product or service.

Another highly important thing to remember is that search engines pull up sites that are RELEVANT. This means that you want to be updating your blog posts at least every month with a topic that is relevant to the times and to your audience. Focusing on current events that could relate to your audience is a prime way to maintain relevance while also using up-to-date content that will intrigue your readers.

Again, when targeting an audience that includes college students who use Apple products, a great blog would possibly include something about the suspected release date of the upcoming iPhone X Plus. This information would be relevant to your audience and would also be current which would then boost your SEO.

While maintaining a monthly blog and using specific keywords to boost SEO are very important, the final key to great blog posts is to relate and intrigue your audience. Providing useful information that is beneficial to the reader is what will keep them coming back, reading more, and possibly even subscribing to your website.

Through keywords, a targeted audience, and relevant information, your blog can transform into a tool that will increase quality backlinks to your site and build that customer relationship you are looking for.

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