Merry Maids - Good Housekeeping

Chatter Marketing, Inc. assisted client, Amy Bates, with Merry Maids Tulsa Metro and Don't Look Under the Rug, with this awesome feature story in Good Housekeeping. Check out the challenge and see what happened:

Growing up, I noticed fairly quickly that my time spent "grounded" by my parents rarely ran full-term. I assumed it was due to my fantastic debating skills, but flash forward to when I had my own little ones and I realized it's because a child's punishment is often far more torturous on the parent. My kids are teenagers and I've often said to my family, "You don't realize how much I do around here. If I stopped, you wouldn't know how to manage!" However, I would never threaten something so horrendous as to actually stop cleaning, because that would only punish one