Going Green With Grogg's - Tulsa Kids Magazine


Tulsa Kids Magazine, p. 50-51

Carla and Kelly Grogg, owners of Grogg’s Green Barn, located at 10105 E. 61st Street, take pride in offering products and services with a health conscious and earth-friendly approach. From their educational classes, for both adults and children, to the all-organic gardening and landscape products they offer, they are leading the Tulsa area in options for families to easily engage, learn and incorporate green living into their lives.

Getting to know Carla and Kelly Grogg

TK: How did you become interested in opening such a specialized business in the Tulsa area?

Carla: Both of us are passionate gardeners. While we had interest in planting some edibles, a small veggie garden, and some beneficial plants to attract butterflies and other creatures, we mostly focused on annual color. Our “life changing” moment was when two family members were diagnosed with cancer within a year of each other. While going through treatment, they were told to stay away from food containing high pesticides and eat a very nutritious diet to help with side effects of going through treatment. I began researching and finding a lot of information on how our crops are grown and the effects that they can have on our immune system. Immediately, I switched over to an all-organic garden for our family. When doing this, I was not able to find anything or anyone locally who could teach me and tell me about different methods of growing organically. I ordered a lot of items online and, from that moment, we decided that this was going to be our focus and our niche for the Tulsa area...