Amy Bates entered the family business, the Tulsa Merry Maids franchise, in 1998. She worked her way through sales and marketing positions and eventually bought the business. Bates is a board member of the Day Center for the Homeless. Merry Maids also partners with the Alzheimer’s Association to provide free cleaning services to caregivers. Married for 15 years, Bates has two sons who attend Riverfield Country Day School.

1. Your family brought Merry Maids to Tulsa more than 30 years ago. Why did you decide to take over the business?

I grew up in the business and always admired the dedication my parents had to their teams and clientele. After living in different cities and exploring different fields, I felt drawn back to the place I call home, Tulsa. In 1998, an opportunity presented itself for me to work side by side with my dad and I jumped on it. I quickly felt I was in the right place and realized this was the business for me.

Providing a service that allows our clients to enjoy more of their free time and spend weekends with loved ones brings me tremendous satisfaction. We provide peace of mind and deliver a service that allows our customers to walk in and simply relax...

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