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Founding Principal & CEO

Heather has 20+ years experience in the industry and has developed her organization into a bustling full-service agency with a team of professionals who bring creativity and a unique approach to a vast array of clients. 

Heather comes to Oklahoma from Dallas, Texas. She has a B.S. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Texas Tech University. She has spent years building a team that consists of individuals who bring a particular talent and perspective to the table. Each was hand-selected for their particular abilities. The combo? Sheer genius! Whether it’s graphic design, web design, social media management, public relations, account service and beyond…Heather and the entire Chatter Marketing team delivers creative and innovative branding and marketing strategies that work.

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Creative Marketing Director

Erin is a rockstar! She won two National Championships & four Big XII Championships with the The University of Oklahoma Women's Softball Team.

Being a student-athlete instilled some of her strongest qualities. With attention to detail, and a stellar work ethic, Erin prides her self on delievering a polished product. She fell in love with marketing and graphic design because of its endless opportunities and applications.  She is constantly looking to apply her creative skills to new things, and push herself out of her comfort zone. Most importantly, she hopes to use her abilities to help Chatter clients shine.

Erin assists with account management, graphic design, and overall creative awesomeness. 

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Creative Direction & Design

Paul is a designer, artist, and teacher. He has worked in the branding and advertising industry for more than 12 years, managing creative teams and developing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and casinos to local small businesses and startups. His creative vision and ability to understand and effectively communicate complex ideas are the basis for his approach to design and brand development. That, plus his natural curiosity for design solutions and unique outlook helps originate innovative, individualized designs.

Paul has a B.F.A. from Oklahoma State University and studied design at the Art Institute of California—San Francisco. He also teaches design at the University of Tulsa. His work has won critical acclaim from such organizations as the American Advertising Federation, Art Directors Club of Tulsa and has been exhibited at The Smithsonian Institution.

Kaitlin Allen - Chatter Marketing

Kaitlin Allen

Social Media Manager

Kaitlin was a member of the women's softball team at The University of Tulsa and graduated with two conference championships with a degree in Exercise Sports Science. She has experience in social media management, creative writing, and account management.

As a former athlete she has developed a competitive drive that has carried into the workforce. With her creative writing skills and social media savvy, Kaitlin creates engaging social media platforms for Chatter clients. With the ever-changing world of technology she is constantly looking for new ways to connect your business with the public. 

Kaitlin is a fitness guru, Harry Potter enthusiast, and a fun loving personality that you will enjoy working with.

Beth Hawkins - Chatter Marketing

Beth Hawkins

Photographer & Videographer

Beth is a former award-winning television news reporter of 13 years. She works in conjunction with Chatter Marketing to produce video and photography.

Graduating with a Communications Broadcasting degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, Beth aspired to be a television news reporter. Her dreams were realized and she shot, produced, anchored, edited and stood in front of the camera for her own news stories. As the market changed after several years in the field, Beth decided to go out on her own and started Beth Hawkins Video and Photography.

Beth produces quality testimonial, culture, and training videos as Chatter Marketing’s vendor of choice. She also has the ability to produce show-stopping public service announcements, commercials, head shots, fundraiser videos, and red carpet moments. In her spare time, Beth enjoys spending time with her beautiful family including husband, twin boys and a girl.