Somebody needed help in the kitchen, where dogs obviously aren’t allowed, so she hands me the leash. “Here,” the dog owner says. “Don’t let her follow me.”

Let her? “Duchess” is a white and tan St. Bernard that, if she stood on her hind legs and wore shoulder pads, could play linebacker for Alabama. She’s going to go wherever she wants, dragging a grown man behind her if necessary.

Luckily, she just wants to sit here quietly in the commons area at the Leisure Village Health Care Community in east Tulsa, where a dozen or so residents — some rolling up in wheelchairs, others shuffling into easy chairs — have gathered around a bright red baby stroller in the middle of the room.

D’Ann Berson, a gray-haired visitor wearing a T-shirt that says “a lap is a terrible thing to waste,” reaches gingerly into the stroller with both hands and carefully picks up a 3-year-old dog named Isabella, a white Maltese as tiny as a newborn baby and almost as cuddly. The elderly crowd immediately oohs and aahs, competing to see who can reach for the dog the fastest, until Berson reaches back into the stroller to pull out another Maltese and a shih tzu...

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